We can show you your baby’s heartbeat as early as six weeks with the latest ultrasound technology.

Gender Reveal

The gender of your baby can be seen as early as 15 weeks into your pregnancy. Find out right away or surprise yourself and friends with a Gender Reveal!

2D/3D/4D Baby Imaging

Bond with your baby through every stage of he or she’s development with 2D/3D/4D Baby Imaging by Sweet Pea Baby Imaging in Newnan.

Client Corner

Get answers to your questions and learn more about your baby’s development in our Client Corner.

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Before you know it your little one will be here

.What benefits are there to a 3D/4D ultrasound for you and your baby?

  • See your baby’s character long before birth
  • Improve the bond between parents and babies
  • Encourages the journey into parenthood
  • Reduces harmful habits of expectant parents (ie; smoking, drinking)
  • Promotes support through extended and immediate family
  • Discovery the unique personality of your baby
  • Decide who’s physical features he or she has the most of


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Things to Know

Ultrasound is the technology/machine that allows you to view your baby during pregnancy.


3D Imaging, also called 3D Images or 3D Sonograms, offer you a still image of your baby in which you are able to see definition of features.

3D Ultrasound

A sonogram is a picture taken of your baby during the ultrasound. A “still-shot” image of your baby.


This procedure takes the video and images provided by 3D sonograms and adds the element of time turning your images into a live experience.

4D Ultrasound

2D Ultrasounds provide the viewer with a 2D, black and white picture of your baby.

2D Ultrasound

Our Gender Reveals are scheduled when the sex of your Sweet Pea can be determined. Usually around 15 weeks into your pregnancy.

Gender Reveal