Sweet Pea Baby Imaging in Newnan- Baby's Heartbeat, Gender Reveal, 2D/3D/4D Baby Imaging

Sweet Pea Baby Imaging provides 3D/4D Ultrasound Services for expectant mothers.
Sweet Pea Baby Imaging allows you to bond with your baby through every stage of development with our ultrasound services. Sweet Pea Baby Imaging in Newnan is located conveniently to Peachtree City and Newnan in Summergrove, just minutes from Downtown Newnan. Baby Ultrasounds are one of the most exciting parts of your journey into parenthood.

Sweet Pea Baby Imaging in Newnan not only provides you with the ability to see your new bundle of joy by 3D/4D ultrasound technology but also to bond with your new baby through dates with mom, visits for your entire family and more.

Baby's Heartbeat

Bond with your baby through every stage of development
Are you ready, or maybe feeling a little anxious, to hear your little one’s heart beating? Hear your baby’s heartbeat at as early as 8 weeks.

2D/3D/4D Baby Imaging

Make your memories last forever
Who does your little one look like? What are they doing in there? Is she smiling? Is he sucking his thumb?

Gender Reveal

Find out the sex of your baby
You want to know! Is it a boy or a girl? Make this moment extra special with friends and family or keep it between just Mommy and Daddy.

Client Corner

Learn more about our services, when you will be able to see defined features of your baby, and more...
Find out more about our facility, the stages of your baby’s development, how to get the most out of your ultrasound and more…

Our Sweet Pea Baby Imaging Staff

Meet the Ladies who will enjoy the journey of your bundle of joy every bit as much as you and your family will!

Jessica Sandlin


Kerry Key

Ultrasound Technician

Our New Facilities

Sweet Pea Baby Imaging is located in Newnan off of Summer Grove Parkway and Lower Fayetteville Road. Located conveniently to Newnan, Peachtree City, and Sharpsburg.

Friendly Staff

At Sweet Pea Baby Imaging we promise to make your experience a wonderful one. We promise our staff will share in the excitement with you!


Our staff at Sweet Pea Baby Imaging is able to answer any of your questions about the procedures offered in our office.

Customizable Experience

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat, find out the sex of your baby, watch your baby’s features develop as they grow before your eyes.

To schedule your appointment please call: +1 (678) 633-8868